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I got a NEW job!!

Woot Woot! After seven years I am leaving the parks department, leaving the park I love, the park I got married at, the park I have had my eye on for the past seven years (maybe, more likely its 15 years).  It seams fitting that the stone I purchased for the front of Heritage Hall was finally, after two years wait, placed on Valentines Day.  I am really going to miss the early mornings spent in the garden, listening to traffic flow by, people hurrying past my garden to get to their busy lives, and I am roaming the pathways, looking for newly blooming flowers, and areas that need some physical attention. 

I am also going to miss spending time with my coworkers.  Ever since I got married I’ve spent about as much time with them during the week as my husband, possibly more, so it’s no surprise that I have grown so fond of so many of you.  From knowing your likes and dislikes, allergies, and the entire array of topics we have talked about in the past seven years, has shaped what I think of others and have shaped the person I have become as a result of their input.

My new job is an exciting adventure.  Everything about how I see the next year, my idea of my job, and my physical nature are different now that I have the new job.  I don’t have to work outside anymore, in the mud, in the dirt, on my hands and knees up and down every day.  (this is both good and will be missed).  I have learned so much while being a groundsperson.  Things about plants, flowers, trees, dirt, bugs, pesticides, government, the city, the neighborhoods and the parks throughout the city.  I will never, not be a parks department employee, even if I don’t do the job, and wherever I go, parks will be a part of me.

I have enjoyed being a part of nature.  The most vivid memories I have from my childhood involve Kirkland parks and the weather.  Really cold and rainy softball practice, at 132nd square.  Going back to school introduced me to the writings of John Muir, who was the namesake of the elementary school I attended, and I feel his writings spoke from my soul, describing my feelings at knowing and understanding all forms of weather in the northwest.   Not working outside and being able to feel each day will also be missed, even the pissy days a little bit.

My new title is Office Specialist Ninja.  It’s going to take a while to get the hang of things, understanding new process, procedure, and personnel, but one thing I know is that I enjoy learning.  This is just a big chance for growth.

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Its peanut butter cookie time!


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Turkey dinner in the new kitchen

While we can’t call it completed, we were able to host thanksgiving dinner for the second year, this time with my sister Shannons’ family. After they let and we finished cleanup, I snapped a few photos to show the progress. Here they are.

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The last supper (with the folks)

Headed out to Coho’s cafe for some seafood for the last supper my folks will have as residents of Washington state. Sad face.

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Kreg pocket hole butcher block countertops

Last night I used my kreg jig to join the butcher block pieces in the peninsula, and its looking fantastic. All the counters are in place!

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Things are looking up (also im tired of looking up)

Were marching along in the kitchen, working hard all weekend (the past week really) and moving on from ceiling work to the next stage.

My parents are coming over Thursday night till Saturday, so our goal is to have the the house clean and. Working sink by then. Woohoo!

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We’ve got BIG wood!


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