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Time to float

Finally!! Were trying this out. I’m so excited….hope its not too weird.

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More weekend photos.

March 30, 2015 1 comment


All dressed up with somewhere to go (Teatro Zinzani)


Luke talked us into having some champagne and then a second bottle of wine.


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Relaxing after a dinner with friends (with the Walking Dead aftershow of course)

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Weekend photos…

They didn’t attach to the last post. Here are some…I’ve got to fix editing issues on the others.




Motorcycle selfie on Saturday ( taken south of the Snohomish Airfield)

Seattle Public Library (taken Saturday morning while heading to the Long Tall Sally pop-up store)




Sunday’s shopping for a dinner with friends (aka motivation to deep clean and declutter the house)

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What a weekend so far…

What a weekend it’s been so far… Friday night, fully dressed up for teatro zinzani. Sat morning informational meeting follows by a motorcycle ride. Sat evening dinner with Luke and then prosecco and red wine. Tomorrow, maybe wine tasting in Woodinville.

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24 hours of sister time

March 15, 2015 1 comment

A few weeks ago Shannon and I signed up for Kirklands shamrock run. She can’t up Friday evening and after having dinner with Ron, we went for oriental massages at 10pm. It was so heavenly, getting slapped and punched and cupped viciously. The next morning we timed it perfectly and walked to the start and started running. Thankfully the rain stopped during the race and we ran most of the 5k.

We shopped a bit, then met up with Lyndsay to go make wreaths with a mustached lady. I tried to buy Ron her trunk, but no luck. It was a wonderful 24 hours with my sisters. It makes me excited for our next weekend, May 2nd!

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Morning with my sister

Love spending time with my sisters. Today Shannon and I went for a jog on lake Washington, and then some shopping at Ikea. Love today.

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Seattle and the terrible, horrible, heartbreaking loss.

February 2, 2015 1 comment

We were on the one yard line.  It’s so disappointing to have happen, that we have to live with this as our superbowl hurts.  We’re so proud of the team for their performance in the second half of the season, for postseason performance, and “The Comeback”.  We know how you feel Green Bay, it just happened to us, just over a shorter period of time.  The last few minutes of the game were up and down, and down, and then higher than anything we’d felt since the end of the GB game.  When we won the coin toss with GB, you just knew we were going to win, and when JKearse caught that wobbly-bobbly on his back catch at the 6 and then Marshawn ran it to the one, the feeling was back, but this time it was for victory in our second superbowl. Our defense deserved to win, our offense did too because once they got going, it was a fun game to watch.

I’d say that everybody I know save one person watched the game.  One thing that I don’t think many people saw, but shows an image that I think Hawks fans and the community at large should see is the gamesmanship Richard Sherman displayed after that indian jones heart wrenching roller coaster of a ending occurred.  Sherm was the first player to shake Tom Brady’s hand, and its telling.  I am very proud to have a loud mouth trash talking genuine good person on my team.

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